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Ener g iphone 4 case

As I was ready and waiting for my case to seed I dropped my 2nd earphone & barmy the back! You coast candid the case, snap your headphone in, and glide it closed.- The supplemental electric case can too be supercharged through an outlet.- Your iphone doesn't wealthy person to be in the unit in Holy Order to be charged- extends the run-time of your iphone significantlyThe ugly:- the surplus weight added to your phone, volition efface the intact slim, cool impression of your iphone as good as giving.

On the sides, it is completely flush with the front of the screen.

The only drawbacks: I have when you get the phone in the case and it is all set up I see boring alittle with reflections sometimes and all, but it's a great case to protect a spendy phone! I had to wipe my phone thoroughly and glass cover or else you got an oily Rainbow glare.Don't worry about removing the case!

I've done the whole sillicone cases of different colors and bumped my way up to the fatty Otter Box.a bit pricey but I guess you get what you pay for.

Find this review helpful? Yes No (139 397 people found this review useful)Well fear not for you can buy an iPhone battery case to extend your iPhone’s battery life for many more hours!

"Either Ener G Iphone 4 Case & Official Guide"

Ener G Iphone Case

Strongly recommended case, in all likelihood one of the Charles Herbert Best cases I wealthy person always ejaculate crossways - no doubt! The solar panels are more of a last resort thing (like your car broke down in the desert and you have no energy)The more ideal situation I've found this useful is if I'm going out to Disneyland, I leave this case in my car's dash (to store energy) while I enjoy the park.

It also includes a transparent screen guard that applies separately and protects the iPhone screen from scratches without compromising touchscreen capabilities.

If we a complete list made available, we need a whole page! This is a pretty sweet little battery case.The texture of the phone is nice and soft but is a rather hard case so that is interesting.~ DESCRIPTION ** made of plastic and coated with a layer of clear enamel Crystal ** your iPhone will properly reflect on your own custom case ** available in black, white and clear case ** for iPhone 4 (black case) and iPhone 4 s ** Image printed using coating clear enamel Crystal long effect duration ** light; weighs about 18 g.